4 Tips for Great Wedding Reception Photography

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Your wedding is a very important part of your life, and so is the investment that you put into it. When we say investments, we’re talking about your time, money, emotions, etc. After spending this much where your wedding and reception is concerned, it would be a shame for you to end up with photos that you’ll hide away to avoid looking at in the coming years.

Now, there are many intricacies involved when it comes to capturing your wedding reception, but the following wedding reception ideas are good for you to keep in mind if you want to have amazing wedding reception pictures.  

  • Skip the Trends

As much as you’ll be tempted to embrace every current trend where your wedding is concerned, remember that trends come and go. The best kind of wedding décor and style to go for is a timeless one.

That way, you can look back at your pictures many years from now and not have to cringe because you’re seeing weird outdated stuff in it. We’d also advise the same for your wedding fashion. Go for traditional fashion. The truth is that classic looks will never go out of style, and they always look amazing in pictures too.

  • Incorporate Your Personality and Stories

Finding ways to incorporate your personalities and story into your wedding is a great way to make your special day timeless, as mentioned above. The truth is that you will always be you. So, if you can represent that in your wedding, 20 years from now, your pictures will still be relevant and appreciated.

  • Make Decisions Based on What You Like

Don’t let anyone push or influence you into making a decision that you are not comfortable with. Your wedding ceremony is about you, and it’s best if it reflects that. Be as selfish as you can during your wedding planning. There is also the bonus that your guests will feel welcomed and valued as they recognize pieces of your personality in your wedding.

All of these will lead to a wedding atmosphere that is vibrant and fun. That means you’ll see pictures of guests excited to be there. You’ll be happy in all your wedding pictures and videos too. A wedding that reflects the things you love is sure to be a happy one.

  • Go for Candid Wedding Photography

If there is one photography style that will showcase you and your personality clearly at your wedding day, it is candid photography. Your images will be fresh, dynamic, and unique, and you won’t have to take weird poses that aren’t you for your pictures. You’ll end up looking your very best with images that you’ll be proud to display everywhere.

Speaking of Candid, did you know that is the exact style we work with for our wedding photography and videography? Here at Larosa Wedding Photography, we believe that the best kind of wedding pictures and videos are genuine ones. That’s why we make sure that we’ll document your wedding in the best way possible. So, what do you say? 

Contact us today to capture your wedding reception !!

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