Wedding Photography Tips to Get the Best Wedding Pictures

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Congratulations on your engagement! We figure that if you’re reading this, you’re probably getting started on your wedding planning. That’s great news; we’re excited for you here at La Rosa Weddings Photography your best Wedding Photographer in New Zealand.

Everyone wants their wedding pictures to look great, and we’re sure you want the same too. You see, long after your wedding is over, all you’ll have left to remind you are your wedding pictures and videos. So, we understand if you want them to portray your special day in the best light possible. 

The best kind of wedding pictures are those which show the beauty of your day. So how do you get those kinds of photos? We thought we should help with that.

Here are five wedding photography tips to help you get the best wedding pictures.  

Factors in Extra Time for Your Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup tend to take up a bit of time. There are also chances that you’ll have some interruptions from friends excited for your New Zealand wedding.

To avoid being behind schedule and having to rush, mark out an extra hour for it. The worse that could happen is that you’ll finish early and spend some more time with your loved ones. 

Give Your Wedding Photographer Enough Information

Your Auckland wedding photographer will do their best to know your family members before your shoot. However, if there is someone you want to make sure is captured in those images, give them a heads up.

This is safer as they might not quite know who your Aunt Maggie is. You can add names on a shot list or have someone at your wedding point them out to your wedding photographer

Backdrops are Important

All the tiny details at your wedding are important. The chairs, napkins, cutlery, place setters, and table runners will all play a part. However, your wedding album can only have a few pictures of those.

Backdrops are what will give all the photos taken at your wedding a much-needed boost. You’ll also get lovely spaces for your guests to get pictures of themselves

Use String Lights

String lights are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your wedding photography. They are not too expensive, and you can still find use for them after your wedding.

Most of all, they’ll look amazing in all your wedding pictures. This is because they form a lovely warm glow that will remove the need for a camera flash. If you want great photos, include string lights in your budget. 

Work With a Great Photographer

Choosing to work with a great wedding photographer is a necessity when it comes to your wedding pictures.

They should be experienced and talented enough to bring out the best in you. They should also be someone you are comfortable with and have your best interest at heart. Don’t forget to look at their portfolio for previous work they’ve done before you make your decision.

Tips on How to Take Wedding Photos for Beginners

Tips on How to Take Wedding Photos for Beginners

1. Create a shot list

A helpful tip regarding wedding photography is to ask the couple in advance about the specific shots that they want you to take. After that, compile a list so that you can check each shot off. Taking family photos is made easier with this method. There’s nothing worse than receiving the photos and finding out you didn’t capture the happy couple with Grandma!

2. Find a wedding photography family photo coordinator

I find that it is quite stressful to take family pictures on the wedding day. It would be great if the couple nominated one family member (or one for each side of the family) who could act as the “director” of the shoot. So that everyone gets in the picture, they can help get everyone gathered and keep the party moving so that the couple can get back to partying as soon as possible.

3. Scout the location

Visit the locations where you will be shooting before the big day.it will help you to choose and find the best locations and backgrounds for photography.

4. In wedding photography, preparation is key

So much can go wrong on the day, so you need to be well-prepared. Have a backup plan (in case of bad weather), have batteries charged, memory cards blank, think about routes and times to get to places.

6. Turn off the sound on your camera

Beeping during speeches, kissing during vows, and playing the piano don’t add to the event. Be sure to turn off your camera’s sounds beforehand.

7. Shoot the small details

Make a picture of rings, dresses, shoes, banquet menus, table settings, etc. These add an extra dimension to the album. Take a look at a wedding magazine on a newsstand for inspiration.

8. Use two cameras

Beg, borrow, hire, or steal an extra camera for the day, and set it up with a different lens. This will help you to make photographs in different angle.

9. Consider a second wedding photographer

You can benefit from having a second photographer. In this way, the ceremony and speeches are less crowded, and one photographer can capture formal shots while the other takes candid. In addition, you won’t have to worry about getting every shot!

11. Learn how to use diffused light

Flashes must be bounced or diffused in order to be effective photography. There is a lack of light in many churches. If you can use a flash, it will add a colour cast to the picture) or if you should purchase a diffuser to soften the light.

13. Display your shots at the reception

As a medium, digital photography is characterised by its immediacy. In recent years, more and more photographers have turned to taking their computers to receptions, uploading pictures taken earlier in the day, and letting the slideshow rotate throughout the evening. It adds a fun element to the night.

14. Consider your backgrounds

Weddings are challenging because people are often everywhere, including the background of your photos. Look for good backgrounds before taking formal shots, especially in areas where they will be taken.

15. Don’t discard your “mistakes”

You may be losing some of the more valuable and interesting images. Keep in mind that images can be cropped or manipulated later to give you some artsy/abstract shots that add real appeal to the album.

16. Change your perspective

Make your shots a little more creative. While you are likely to use fairly standard or formal poses for most of the pictures in the end album, make sure you take some interesting shots by using low, high, wide angles, etc.

17. Wedding group shots

You need to get everyone to the appropriate spot fast and be ready to get the shot without having everyone stand around for too long. The best way to get everyone to the spot is to get the bride and groom there and have a couple of helpers lead everyone there.

Are you a looking for a wedding photographer in New Zealand? Then you’re in the right place. Here at La Rosa Wedding Photography, we value every couple we work with.

We also do our best to provide top-notch wedding photography and videography services here in New Zealand. So, what do you say? If you reach out to us, we can get started talking about your wedding photography immediately. Contact us today!!!


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