7 Simple Tips for A Stress-Free Wedding Day

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tips for stress free wedding

Why is a wedding planning so stressful?

It is normal to feel completely overwhelmed by your wedding planning. However, with some strategic breaks and stress-free wedding planning, you can sort that feeling out. On the other hand, getting so stressed on your wedding day is not so advisable. Your wedding should be that one day where you are happy throughout! So how to deal with wedding planning stress? Here are seven stress-free wedding planning tips that are guaranteed to help. 

  • Delegate

Choose one or two of your trusted friends to help you out. It would be best if you didn’t have to wake up on your wedding day and start to handle every small detail. You could also hire an NZ day-of-coordinator. That way, someone else will be in charge on your wedding day so that you can relax. You deserve to have fun at your wedding. 

  • Be Calm To avoid Wedding planning Stress

One thing 2020 has taught us all is that you can plan everything down to a T, and then a pandemic will show up and mess up your plans. Just make up your mind to be happy. Sometimes, no level of planning can avert a problem. In that case, there is no use worrying about it. Just go with the flow. Like Elsa sang in Frozen, let it go. 

  • Declutter the Day

You can’t fit your hair session, makeup session, and group spa session into your wedding day. Something will have to give. Reduce your activities on that day to only the necessities. In the case we mentioned before, that would be your hair and makeup session. You don’t want to find yourself hurrying to meet up with time and getting stressed as a result.

  • Have Some Alone Time

You’ll need the intimacy that comes with that on your wedding day. Some great times you could use are after your ceremony. If you’re having a photo session, you could schedule it after that, before your NZ wedding reception. During that time, you can unwind and bask in each other. It’ll help in dealing with wedding stress.

  • Stick with Your Spouse

You’ll find yourself quite busy at your reception. Many of your guests will want to say hi and so on. Try not to let this draw you too far from your partner. That way, when you think back on your wedding, you’ll have special moments between you both to remember. It’ll also make it easier for us to capture some candid sweetheart pictures of you both. 

  • Have Some Snacks With You

Being Hungry on your wedding day is very possible. You’ll find yourself angry because you’re hungry and tired. Plan for your favorite snacks to be handy and easily accessible at all times during your special day. With it, you can chase the hunger away and keep smiling. 

  • Hire a day-of coordinator

When you can hire someone to handle the details on the wedding day, you will have so much less stress. You should be a guest at your wedding, not a staff member. Even if a full-service wedding planner is not in your budget, many offer more affordable day-of services.

  • Keep your schedule clear.

Having a big brunch or booking manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, and a wax on the morning of the wedding can be tempting, but don’t overdo it.

Make sure someone knows how to bustle your dress.You shouldn’t just rely on a safety pin. Take a friend or relative with you to a fitting to learn how to bustle the train, and make sure that person practices and sticks around post-ceremony to help you.

  • Assign a photo wrangler

Don’t spend 15 minutes trying to assemble your college roommates for a picture during cocktail hour. Make sure you choose two people, one who knows your family and one who knows all of your friends, so that you cover every group.

  • Embrace Your Feelings

It is okay to feel nervous and a bit worried about your day. For most people, it’s the most significant event they’d have handled yet. Whenever you feel like it is too much, pauses and take a deep breath. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come, and you’ll feel better. If that doesn’t work immediately, you could pull your best man or maid of honour away for a bit and vent. They’ll understand that you need it. 

Weddings and stress often go hand in hand. However, with these simple steps, you could reduce your day stress better. Just keep in mind that your love is what matters above all. Best of luck!!! 

Here at La Rosa  Photography, your happiness is our priority. It’s why we make sure the services we offer are top-notch and guaranteed to make your wedding a success. Do you need an NZ wedding photographer or an NZ wedding videographer? Then it would be best if you talked to us. Contact us today!

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