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Wedding Photography Auckland

Wedding photography,  Corporate photography, and Commercial photographer in and around Auckland information to help you find your needs. is our core business, and if that is your reason for visiting today congratulations, and please enjoy having a look through our wedding portfolio.

We approach every wedding as an Intimate wedding, micro Wedding, elopement wedding and candid wedding in a very personal way and pride ourselves in being able to observe and capture stories as they unfold around us. 

Documenting your special day as it happens is what our Auckland wedding photographer specializes. The quiet moments and the chaotic ones, the tears and the laughter, wild oversized bouquets, and confetti throws. In Auckland wedding photography is relaxed with a candid style. As an Auckland wedding photographer who loves traveling around this beautiful country, we had been to many main cities and towns in Auckland like Kumeu, Auckland CBD, Matakana, and Waiheke Island 

Hire Photographer Auckland

As the best wedding and affordable photographer in Auckland, our work is aimed at bringing a relaxed approach while creating beautiful, natural and vibrant images and videos that have a touch of romance and lots of fun. 

Relaxed and informal in style, we combine contemporary wedding reportage with creative fine art photography.

Wedding Photography

We offer wedding photography services in Auckland and nationwide, we are happy to travel around and capture your story. In wedding photography, we usually care about emotions, storytelling, and timing with good lightning which are specific and related factors, that helps to bring the results of your memorable photos to our couples.

Wedding Photography

Family & Maternity Photography

we also offer Maternityphotography services in Auckland. In Maternity photography, we usually care about emotions, Family connection, and lightning which are specific and related factors, that helps to bring the results of your memorable photos to our lovely Mums and Families in general.

family and maternity, wedding photography Auckland

Engagament Photography

we also offer Engagement photography services in Auckland. In Engagement photography, we usually care about couple connection to each others, candid moments, and lightning with good timing during the shoot which are specific and related factors, that helps to bring the results of your memorable photos to our lovely newly engaged in general.

the couple is standing on a beach, Wedding photography of Andrew and Joon

Commercial Photography

 As commercial Photographer, we believe that Great Business, Start with Attractive Media. Quality commercial photography in Auckland for marketing, websites, eCommerce stores, restaurants, designers agencies, magazine exposé, real estate, and showcases. La Rosa Photography is a commercial photographer in Auckland, New Zealand. Specializing in studio-based commercial photography, fashion photography, product photography, environmental portraits, tabletop still life photography, architectural photography, packaging photography, advertising photography, and illustrative photography. For catalogs, brochures, packaging design, advertising, and websites. We also do digital photographic post-production and image retouching. We would love to be part of your business branding. For more information and to arrange an informal chat, please contact us today! Book your Commercial Photographer 

commercial Photography

Fashion & Beauty Photography

 Fashion & Beauty Photography is a wonderful genre of photography that includes commercial and editorial imagery, as well as simple beauty portraits, so almost any professional or aspiring photographer who appreciates female beauty can find something in it for them. While a hobbyist can enjoy taking beautiful portraits of their female friends and family members, there are more ways in which a professional fashion & Beauty photographer can grow: makeup, skincare, jewelry and accessory advertising, hairstyling, and hair care products. And within those directions, one can aim to shoot for global high profile brands or thrive on shooting for small local companies that are easier to approach and acquire as a client. As an additional avenue for growth, there is an abundance of big and small magazines that accept and publish beauty editorials. Fashion & Beauty Photography 

fashion & beauty photography in Auckland , cop-prate photography

Jewellery Photography

Jewelry Photography whether it’s diamond rings or gemstone necklaces, jewelry photography is notoriously difficult, but there are a few useful techniques you can try that will make the process so much easier. Watches, rings, and necklaces all present a unique set of challenges when it comes to photographing them. Their smooth, shiny surfaces cause chaotic reflections, their size and the high magnification required means it’s incredibly important to make sure Our Photos can show these dimensions to our client. 

jewellery, Wedding Photography Auckland

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography Auckland’s only professional portrait photographer specializing in corporate and executive headshots. In Corporate photography we bring our studio to you setting up in your office meaning less downtime for your staff, but still delivering the highest possible quality. Book Your Corporate Photographer Today. Corporate photography

corporate Photography Auckland

Wedding Videography Auckland

By combining wedding videography with photography Auckland into one package, you’ll receive the very best service that Larosa Wedding Photography is known.

We intend to capture the true action and passion of the wedding through wedding cinematography. We’ve poured in endless hours to refine our craft and supply our consumers with narrative cinematic films.

 Wedding videography in Auckland is all about documenting the energy, the atmosphere and the excitement that you felt on your wedding day in a creative and fresh perspective. When it comes to our style of wedding videography in Auckland, people often call it a cinematography or cinematic look. 

That is because we make a lot of effort to make sure that the wedding videos look like good classic films rather than videos you can record on the phone.

And just like our wedding photography Auckland service is unobtrusive as we blend in with the guest and film your wedding completely hands-off, no directing or posing. 

Your films will be ready to go wherever you are, conveniently sharable on any smart device. Perfect for reliving your best bits over and over with friends and family and anyone else; Anywhere, anytime!

Larosaweddings Photography offers affordable fine art wedding and elopement videography packages and wedding photographers cost. We would love to be part of your wedding day. For more information and to arrange an informal chat, please contact us today!

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