Andrew & Joon Engagement Session

During your wedding planning, you probably keep being reminded that you need to take engagement pictures. Stress probably has you wondering, is it of importance? Why must we have a pre-wedding session? After all, we already have pictures from when the proposal happened up on social media.

First off, you should know that you are not alone in these thoughts. Every couple has wondered about it at some point. The answer is that they are essential. Most times, couples are engaged for a short period. This means that they have to find a way to make sure that their engagement is meaningful. With so many wedding planning activities happening alongside, this can sometimes be difficult.

That’s where a pre-wedding session comes in. Amongst other things, you’ll get a chance to take a break and spend some time with each other. What do we mean? You’ll find out when you read the following paragraphs on why your wedding engagement session is essential.

  • You’ll get Quality Time With Each Other 

Can you remember the last time you and your partner spent time with each other? The answer to this is not the time you spend in bed before you fall asleep. We also don’t mean the time you spend strategizing and wedding planning together either. The chances are that you can’t think of many times you’ve had quality time with each other. It would be best if you fixed that. This is where your engagement session comes in.

Your engagement session can be the quality time we’re talking about. You can have a day where you laugh and bask in each other. This is one of the reasons why your engagement session is essential. It gives you time away to spend having fun. It’s a lovely pre-wedding activity that you can both enjoy.   

  • You Can Get to Know Your Photographer when you start with Engagement Session 

You can use your engagement session as a test run for more than just your photographer. You can also use it to try out your makeup artist and hairdresser. Your wedding photography is crucial, and these three vendors play a huge role in it. An engagement session gives you a chance to try them all out. Start the day by visiting your hairstylist and then your makeup artist. From there, you can head to your photography session.

At this session, you’ll get to observe how your photographer handles you. You’ll also see how they work with lighting and what poses are right for you. One thing that you should note is how well you both connect in front of a camera. It’ll play a massive role in how your pictures come out. From the images themselves, you’ll know what to expect from your photographer for your wedding. Combine this with all the pampering you’ll get from your hair and makeup session. You’ll start to understand why it was a good idea.

  • The Practise Is Important

Feeling awkward in front of a camera is popular with many people. Most times, the last time you took a professional picture before this was at your high school graduation! Sadly, that uncomfortable and awkward feeling will show in your photographs. A great way to avoid that is by practising.

It’s just like with speech giving. Great orators are often known to spend hours practising in front of a mirror. Your engagement session is your chance in front of the mirror. You’ll get practice at being the focus of the lens and hearing the clicks. This will prepare you for your wedding day. You’ll also get tips on how to pose and which is your best side. Remember to practice being intimate and showing emotions with your partner too. Those make for great wedding pictures.  

  • The Photos Are Useful

You can employ the photos from your engagement session in so many ways. Apart from sharing them on social media, they’d look great on your wedding website too. You can also use them on your save-the-date-cards and as décor at your wedding. It’s a great chance to get the professional images that you need for everything wedding related. So, what do you say? Will you get your engagement session scheduled soon?

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