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{Weddings Photos By Auckland Wedding Photographer at }LaValla began as a Catholic Juniourate College where young men trained alongside their normal high school education to join the Catholic Faith as teachers.  Over six generations students and Brothers called LaValla home sharing in the comradery of farming, schooling, and faith.  Described as a great environment for young men, LaValla and its teaching provided, adventure, work ethic, education, and friendship.  While an exciting and adventure-filled, past students remember it as an all-male environment, it was not soft living and the transition from home leaving their mothers and sisters was often difficult.  Hard work and a stiff upper lip were required to succeed in all aspects of life but amongst the work, many memories were created as the boys became men by strengthening their minds, skills, and heart living within these walls and grounds. 

Today LaValla welcomes guests again to create new memories, all are welcome, from corporate groups to weddings, lazy weekend stays, birthdays, picnics, and even theatre performances in the most amazing intimate theatre built within the existing walls.  

TOGETHER ❤ ,the word which can describe how easy to go through the hard things and Make what we wish happens!!!.

Together , talented people who joined together to make sure it’s returned As PERFECT as we wanted to be .

Thank you everyone for your hard work, thank you for investing your time to make it happen.

I am so happy and grateful to be part of this Amazing Progict which took us more than a month to plan 😍❣ 

Auckland Wedding Photographer.

wedding Photos Taking by La Rosa Wedding s

Thank you to @lavallaestate @lavalla_functions for accommodating us at their pretty venue 😍.
Thank you for @oliviagate and her partner our beautiful bride 👰‍♀️

Many thanks to @rachelmackwood and @chantellewoodwardhair_ for making our bride stunning by providing their makeup and hairstyle.

Many thanks to @astrabridal.auckland who are supporting our photography journey in NZ since 2018 by providing us with beautiful wedding gowns and dress.

Many thanks to Keren from @littledoozycaravanbar who provided her bar caravan with Amazing drinks which was Tasty and yummy 😋

@thanks to our beautiful Celebrant @brazilian_celebrant_francieli we and so much fun with her ❤ dress is sponsored by @jetsetbohemian

Boho furniture provided by @aribellzgrazeandpartyhire
Styling set up done by @larosaphotography.nz

Our Amazing flowers arrangement provided by the talented @driedflorabyshan
The cake just looks yummy and delicious which was provided by @biscotti_bakingbox

Arch provided by @larosaphotography.nz
Donate from @krispykremenz @krispykreme
Boho hat from @cottonon