Special Wedding Giveaway Offer!!!

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Special Wedding  Giveaway Offer!!!

If you are a couple that just got engaged, then congratulations! How do you feel? 

We’re so excited for you. Don’t forget to set time aside to celebrate your engagement and enjoy the feeling. Your engagement will only happen once in your relationship. 

You don’t want to wake up one morning and discover that time has run by and you didn’t celebrate. Engagement days can be quite the whirlwind, and before you know it, you’re married. Flaunt your ring!!!

That being said, are you planning your wedding for next year or the year after that? 

Hopefully, the pandemic will have eased up, and we can have normal weddings again. We’ve made great strides with it here, and we can’t wait for this to be over. 

  • Engagement Session 

Anyway, if you’re planning your wedding for next year, we have a surprise for you. Here at Larosa Wedding Photography Giveaways, we want to reward newly engaged couples in New Zealand as the year draws to a close. 

So, if you’re planning a New Zealand wedding soon, you should bookmark this page. With us, you can get the best kind of engagement and wedding photography.

With that being said, we have quite the offer for you! To celebrate the year drawing to a close, we’ll be giving out a free pre-wedding or engagement session. 

Yes, you saw that right, 3 lucky couples in New Zealand will get a chance to win a session with us to the tune of NZD 600. We’ve already started and had our first winner!

Picture that! You don’t have to worry about paying for your pre-wedding or engagement session

With our wedding giveaway, We’ll handle those for you. This wedding giveaway offer lasts for three months starting from December and is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. 

Your engagement session is a special time. What do we mean? Here are some of the advantages that come with the session.

  • A Time to Relax

You’re going to need time away from the stress of planning your wedding. This time is important because it’ll let you refresh your thoughts. 

When you go back to your wedding planning, you’ll be able to start with a fresh perspective. You and your partner deserve a fun time away. 

This session gives you the chance to do so. It will happen in Auckland but is open to couples all over the country. A change of scenery is sure to help you both feel better. 

  • Practice for Your Wedding

If the last time you had professional wedding pictures taken was at your graduation, you need practice. 

Showing those beautiful emotions you feel for your partner takes getting used to. You don’t want your wedding pictures to come out with fake smiles. 

Your engagement session is an amazing time for this. We’ll also work on which poses work for you and your best angles. This way, you’ll be better positioned to have the best wedding pictures possible.

  • You Can Use the Pictures Everywhere

From your wedding website to your wedding décor, your engagement session photos have so many uses. You can put them on the items you want to personalize for your wedding too. 

Are you thinking of announcing your engagement officially on social media? 

These pictures will perfect your post. You can check out more advantages of having an engagement or pre-wedding session by checking out this post: Why a Pre-Wedding Session Is Important?

  • How to Qualify

To enter, all you have to do is go to our social media. You can follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and leave a comment under our post tagging your friend who is a bride to be just like you. That’s all you need to qualify.

  • How Will We Know We’ve Won?

You don’t have to stress yourself at all. Once you sign up for our newsletter list, we’ll be able to reach out to you. The lucky couple that wins will get a message from us.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you tempted enough by our wedding Giveaway Offer? Get involved then and best of luck!!!

Here at Larosa Wedding Photography and videography, we believe that every couple deserves to have beautifully preserved memories of their wedding day. 

That why we go out of our way to make sure you get only the best from us. Are you having your wedding in New Zealand soon? 

You should contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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