Wedding Photography Auckland

Wedding Photography Auckland

Wedding photography in and around Auckland is our core business, and if that is your reason for visiting today congratulations, and please enjoy having a look through our wedding portfolio. We approach every wedding in a very personal way and pride ourselves in being able to observe and capture stories as they unfold around us. 

Documenting your special day as it happens is what our Auckland wedding photographer specializes. The quiet moments and the chaotic ones, the tears and the laughter, wild oversized bouquets, and confetti throws.  The approach to wedding photography in Auckland is relaxed with a candid style. We focus on those unposed moments while seeking out natural light, textures, and rich hints of color.   Photographer from Auckland who adores photographing beautiful, contemporary, authentic weddings for modern couples.

Our Auckland based wedding photographer and videographer are here to make your life easy and to give you a timeless collection of images that brings back all the feelings from your wedding day. From support and planning ahead of the day to a detailed photography experience on the wedding day, to the editing work after ensuring the very best images for you to treasure. It’s all part of our wedding photography service in Auckland and something we do for every couple no matter what package you book.

Whatever your plans, we would love to hear all about them. We will happily travel to photograph your wedding, so why not tell us about your ideas. We’d be thrilled to be your wedding photographer in Auckland!

Hire Photographer Auckland

As the best wedding photographer in Auckland, our work is aimed at bringing a relaxed approach while creating beautiful, natural and vibrant images and videos that have a touch of romance and lots of fun. 

Relaxed and informal in style, we combine contemporary wedding reportage with creative fine art photography. Our aim is always to create a timeless and stunning visual narrative that captures the spirit of your day; the laughter, the tears, the details you spent so long planning and a real sense of your style and personality as a couple.

Our style as a wedding photographer in Auckland is to capture candid, natural photographs during a wedding day that a couple can look back on and relive their special day through our wedding photography service in Auckland. We are drawn to smiles and laughter, beautiful silk dresses, gasp-worthy bouquet and colourful confetti throws.

Every wedding we photograph is unique, so we work around you and offer a different approach to each one. Our Auckland wedding photographer approaches your wedding with fresh eyes and aims to capture your day honestly and authentically, that means you, your guests, and everything in between. You’ve spent time planning those beautiful table details and deliberating over your bouquet, so we’ll capture those too.

Wedding Videography Auckland

By combining wedding videography with photography Auckland into one package, you’ll receive the very best service that Larosa Wedding Photography is known.

 Wedding videography in Auckland is all about documenting the energy, the atmosphere and the excitement that you felt on your wedding day in a creative and fresh perspective. When it comes to our style of wedding videography in Auckland, people often call it a cinematic look. That is because we make a lot of effort to make sure that the wedding videos look like good classic films rather than videos you can record on the phone. And just like our wedding photography Auckland service, our wedding videography Auckland service is unobtrusive as we blend in with the guest and film your wedding completely hands-off, no directing or posing. 

Your films will be ready to go wherever you are, conveniently sharable on any smart device. Perfect for reliving your best bits over and over with friends and family and anyone else; Anywhere, anytime!

We would love to be part of your wedding day. For more information and to arrange an informal chat, please contact us today!





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