Wedding at Te Moenga Lodge Taupo

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Christal & Connor London wedding at Te Moenga Lodge Taupo

Super excited to share with you the most joyful experience I had at these two weddings.
The wedding was in Taupo, New Zealand we use to travel all around to capture love stories around us and we always loved to be destination wedding photography and videography

We had been I Taupo before but we were there for holiday on the 8th of Feb. 2020 we had a chance to get the honer and be part of Christal & Connor special day to capture their special moments with friends and family.

Christal & Conner used to be racers, they travel the world together and had their adventures with each other.
Could tell you how their wedding was full of love, joyful and emotional moments with all who were around them on that day including us.

Wedding held at Te Moenga Lodge venue which was on the lake of Taupo side. the venue was amazing with a wonderful view as you can see in the pictures below.
It is really important for us as photographers and videographers to feel comfortable during the wedding so we can give you More and More, and I can tell you that the Te Moenga lodge Owners are so kind and helpful and willing to let you feel this by the way they treat you like one of them Thank you Mr & Mrs. London for your kindness.

Bridal dress from Kellylin Couture such a piece of art giving princess look to my Lovely bride Christal.
We had been so appreciative especially from our couple’s side, they were so helpful and listening to our direction because they believe that it will be good for their special moment’s photos
Thank you Christal & Connor :).

The reason why I loved this wedding is that the day went very smoothly, people were so helpful, we had been respected and treated like a family and I had a chance to know perfect people with Amazing souls.

It was our pleasure to be part of this wedding and we hope you a wonderful life ahead.

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