Wedding Videography in NZ


If you are looking for cinematic style, beautiful wedding videos, you have come to the right place. We are Wedding videography service providers  based in Auckland, and we specialize in destination wedding videography throughout NZ.

The wedding video we produce will keep your memories alive forever. We believe in filming a wedding day with simplicity, concentrating on your emotions and a good story.

No two couples are alike, and so we don’t have a fixed formula for each wedding videography. Larosa Auckland Wedding Photographer offer classy and elegant wedding videography packages of films that tell the story of your wedding day.

We believe that there’s a unique story waiting to be told for each couple.

So that’s why our Auckland wedding videographer focuses on capturing the moments and emotions that are meaningful and helps to tell the story of you, your love, your relationship between you and your family and friends.

Classy & Elegant Wedding Videography, telling the story of your wedding day.

We Are Expert In Different Wedding Videography Styles in Auckland

We are expert in following wedding videography styles such as 

  • Cinematic 
  • Short form
  • Storytelling 
  • Documentary
  • Traditional 


We like to blend in and capture beautiful wedding videos from the perspective of a guest. That doesn’t mean we compromise the quality and superbly cinematic style of wedding videography.

We approach every wedding quietly and unobtrusively so you can feel at ease and focus on your wedding. Most of the time, you won’t even notice our cameras. We love to capture the natural moments, the love in your eyes, hand gestures and natural expressions.

Your wedding videography is going to be a story of your feelings and emotions.

As an experienced and Professional wedding photographer and videographer Auckland, we get to meet so many amazing people and film in so many stunning locations in NZ. We truly love what we do.

We believe in keeping things simple to help your day run as smoothly as possible. We’ve got an eye for anticipating those natural, meaningful and above all authentic moments.


Cinematic Style Wedding Videography - Natural Moments & Real Emotions

Beautiful Auckland Wedding Packages

A wedding story told beautifully through cinematic wedding videography is not just about the wedding day itself – it is the story of the bride and groom, the family and true friends.

We are here to capture the love, the joy, the tears and the fun for you to watch, listen and share again and again. 

We can provide wedding videography alongside photography – for any types of wedding, from intimate celebrations to large 100+ receptions.

We can work with other photographers too, so if you choose our Auckland wedding videography packages, we will work with them to ensure you get the best possible coverage. 

Always looking for the next story to tell....

Please take a look around our website to see the wedding videography prices we offer and some of the gorgeous HD wedding videos we’ve shot.

We love looking back through those beautiful wedding ceremony videos we took, seeing all the laughter and the tears and all the wonderful little moments. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see wedding videography packages or styles that suit you.

We know that no two weddings are the same, and we’d love to hear your story and requirements for your unique wedding videography. If you are looking for a Auckland wedding photographer or Professional wedding videographer , we would love to hear your plans and get to know you as a friend!

Get in touch to learn how we can make the most important event in your life memorable at any location throughout New Zealand. With nearly ten years of experience in shooting beautiful destination wedding videos in NZ, we are the wedding videographers who can help you bring out the most precious moments of the nuptial while highlighting the beauty of the location you have chosen for your wedding.


Most frequent questions and answers about Wedding Videography
At least 1 year prior to your wedding day, our calendar is filling up so quickly so hurry up 🙂
our basic option is 1 camera operator unless you request more for an extra $$
I use chargeable batteries with natural and warm light to ensure getting the cinematic look 🙂
We charge general travel cost with the package during the booking 🙂
This deposit is not refundable(if the cancelation is from your side), It reserves your right to not advertise the availability of the date after you book with us. if it from our site for any reason then you will get a full refund for any amount you had paid to us.
Video is more complicated than photos so normally it takes longer 12-16 weeks and this is due to working on every single second.
Please contact us so we can send you all the different options in our price packages.
To secure your booking you will need to pay %50 of the total amount of at least $2500 and this deposit is not refundable, the remaining balance should be paid 2 weeks before the wedding date.
My style is candid, natural, and cinematic, and romantic from my point of view every wedding is unique by itself.