Why You Should Work with Us?

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Choosing the right wedding photography and videography company for your wedding in New Zealand can be tasking. So, we’ll try not to bore you with long talk. Instead, we’ll go right to one of the reasons why we are a favorite among many couples here at Larosa Wedding Photography.

It’s because we do candid wedding photography and videography. What are the advantages of that where your wedding is concerned? Here are four of the reasons why our couples love us.  

  •  Your Wedding Photography of Your Memories Will Be Intact

Have you ever looked at a picture that you took in the past and remembered what the photographer kept asking you to do, the weird poses, and how much you just wanted everything to be over already? With candid capturing, you won’t have that.

When you look at your pictures and videos, what you will feel is yourself being transported back into the moment when that picture was taken. You’ll almost be able to relive it. Why? Because we captured it naturally without any direction.

Here at Larosa Wedding Photography, we try our best not to interfere with the process at all. Memories of being told what to do by the photographer are not the kind of memories that we think you should be getting when you look back at your wedding pictures or videos.   

  • We As Wedding Photography Company We’ll Blend In

Most of your guests will think we’re guests like them. We won’t go around trying to control the day at your wedding or telling people what to do. The result is that you’ll get to see pictures of your family and friends being themselves and featuring their purest emotions at your wedding. Because we’ll be capturing these moments without them being aware.

  • People Will Look Their Best

Often, as soon as people know they’re being photographed or videoed, they change. There’s this need for them to have their camera face ready. What that ends up doing is leaving you with almost no genuine pictures of your guests.

People often don’t look too good as soon as they do that. The pictures come out with them looking stiff, unnatural, and awkward. With us capturing your guests, however, they’ll get to be their naturally beautiful selves in all your pictures and videos.

That’s because we have a way of capturing them when they are at ease. They won’t even know that’s what we’re doing.

  • Your Images Will Be Unique 

All pictures from traditional photographers tend to look the same. This is because they’re controlling the scenes and will be putting you into the same poses from memories. At that point, your images stop being about you and become about your photographer and what they want.

With the type of candid capturing we do; your wedding pictures and videos will be unique. This is because we’ll be capturing moments unique to your wedding as they happen and we’ll be capturing them in totally new ways.

If you are planning to hire a wedding photographer in Auckland or NZ to document your wedding like the above, we’d love to talk to you. Here at Larosa Wedding Photography, capturing the lovely moments at your wedding is our passion. All you have to do is take that step and contact us today.

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